Supernatural Season 9 Thus Far

It looks…promising. I have hope, Supernatural, that you will be engaging and plot driven for the whole season, not just sporadic moments of brilliance like last season.

Good things:

1. Ezekiel as Sam-so much fun watching him change between the two

2. All the angel problems we’ll be having-and people think they’re the good guys!

3. Dean’s growth-he went to Cas after Zeke healed him, not to Sam, unconscious by the closet. He was torn, but looked after Cas first. It’s important because Dean still asked him to leave for Sam.

4. ABBADON. Never get rid of the Knight of Hell.

5. All the minor characters have been interesting so far, even the evil ones

6. Osric Chau as Kevin just keeps getting more and more awesome.

Bad things:

1. Seriously with Hael? She was awesome and only lasted 0.2 seconds. I was really hoping we’d see more of her

2. Why did Cas have to have his first (totally human) sexual experience with someone who was not only a one-off, but totally out to get him. It made sense with Sam’s first time after Jess died (Madison the werewolf)-it destroyed his  confidence, his ability to save people, his feelings for love with women for a long time, etc. On it’s own, Cas sleeping with April could make sense, but it felt off in its presentation.

3. Dean just tell Cas the truth. Seriously, you asked him about Zeke once already.

4. Continuity errors: Oh hi reapers! We can see you now? Cause you shouldn’t take form to follow around hunters when they can’t normally see you. And since when have vessels been able to change their minds after they’ve been taken over, hmmm? (Jimmy couldn’t kick Cas out, Sam couldn’t get rid of Luci)

And on that note: The Angel’s Vessels

It seems like we have three or four vessel types.

1. The non-vessel: like the girl in 9.03, they cannot retain their body and die upon attempted possession.

2. The temporary vessel: like Hael’s body or Lucifer in Nick, these bodies will disintegrate over time.

3. Perfect vessels: Usually familial, like the Novak family or Sam and Dean for Lucifer and Michael, these vessels can last through basically anything.

4. People who can act as vessels for multiple angels. So far, Sam is the only example of this having hosted both Lucifer and Ezekiel.

Zeke…who claims that he needs to stay put, who kicks Cas out…well, I think we’re screwed. End!Verse, ho!


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I’m Back!

A little, at least. I’m hoping for weekly posts.

So recap of life:

Doctor Who is a thing now. It was my summer, and I feel in love with the new series.

Supernatural is back-next post will be on it.

Fanfiction-a big reason I made this blog-is creeping along. Progress may actually result in the Internet seeing some of it this time.

Books: Read Croak, by Gina Damico. Seriously, it’s a trilogy (short, actually has plot in all 3 books) about a teenage girl that finds out she’s a Grim Reaper. And it’s funny.

Disney: I am not going to see Frozen (out in a month). Why? It’s not The Snow Queen. Not really. They could have done a lot with it-had a girl going to save her best (male) friend with aid from lots of women, maybe even had a non-white princess. That’s not this story. So I’ll stay home instead.


School is pretty big-I just started professional school this fall, so posts are going to be pretty spread out. BUT! I will try to get a post or so in every week.

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Sunday Book Recommendation: The Diviners

The Diviners, by Libba Bray is a fantastic read. It combines magic, myth and history to tell an exciting new story.

Set in the Roaring 20s, The Diviners follows the wild child Evie O’Neill. Evie is sent to New York City to live with her uncle, who is called in to help with a murder investigation. He runs a museum of oddities and curiosities that may help find the killer.

Evie herself is revealed to have special powers that she tries to hide to varying degrees of success. She is not alone. Her uncle’s ward Jericho has a mysterious secret of his own, and the thief that comes under their employ is a little too good at his original job. She is aided and abetted in her unapproved aid by her friends Theta and Mabel Rose. The characters are fleshed out and realistic and different. I felt for all of them through the course of the novel.

It’s a book to read multiple times to try to grasp the levels Bray has built in. It is the start of a new series, that manages at once to leave you wanting more and finishes its own plot line more satisfactorily than other YA books (or movies) that have been published recently.

It helps that Bray is one of my favorite authors. She tells wonderful tales and has a great sense of humor that shines through in strange and unusual places.

(Read as part of the Once Upon A Time Challenge, Fantasy choice)

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Sunday Book Recommendation: American Gods

Everyone should read this book. I was interested by the second line and hooked by the end of the first page. American Gods follows Shadow as he is released from prison and employed by the mysterious Mr. Wednesday. Gaiman has a rich tapestry of characters in this novel-you will want to know all of their stories. Some knowledge of mythology greatly increases the enjoyment of the book.

I suspect part of my enjoyment stems from the fact that Shadow thinks a little like I do. Things he kept coming back to were things that I also thought about when not reading.

There will a spoiler filled version of the recommendation coming soon! It will explore how the book has affected other literature, its similariest and differences to other books by Gaiman, and my favorite/least favorite portions of the text.

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Sunday Book Recommendation: Girl of Fire and Thorns

*Not read for the Once Upon a Time challenge, but easily falls into the fantasy section.*

Elisa is not the spunky, caught in a romance heroine that is starting to be associated with young adult literature (those charactersTHE-GIRL-OF-FIRE-AND-THORNS aren’t necessarily bad, of course). She bears the Godstone, which indicates she is destined for greatness. At sixteen, the fat, younger sibling, Elisa does not feel that she will ever complete her mission from God, whatever it may be.

We meet her on her wedding day. She doesn’t know the fellow of course, but he tries to remedy that instead of sleeping with her the first night of their marriage. When they reach his country after several adventures, she discovers that he did not, and does not plan on, telling his people he has taken a bride. While not thrilled, Elisa is content to wait, befriend both the king’s young son and his personal bodyguard during her stay in the palace.

Then she gets kidnapped. This portion of the book is probably my least favorite, because of the tropes it falls into. Once her captors get her through the desert though, the story picks back up and Elisa becomes a very active part of her own life. There’s a lot more to the book after this, with some unexpected twists, but I don’t want to give anything away.

As a final note, the characters are well written, multi-faceted and (most importantly) interesting to read about. Carson incorporates religion and culture beautifully into the story with her descriptions of food, architecture, the clothing, and the people.

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Once Upon A Time Challenge

onceuponatimebannerI’ve decided to do the Once Upon A Time challenge, created by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish Quest the Second, and read four books, one each from fantasy,  folklore,  fairy tales, and  mythology. With any luck, I’ll have a chance to do the Short Story Quest as well.

So far the list includes:

Gwenhwyfar: The White Spirit, by  Mercedes Lackey

American Gods, by Neil Gaiman

The Faery Reel, anthology edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

The Coyote Road, another anthology by Datlow and Windling

Dreams Underfoot, anthology by Charles DeLint

Wish me luck!

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Sunday Book Recommendations: Things I Shouldn’t Think

cover Things I Shouldn’t Think delves deeply into mental disorders and how society views people with them.

The main character, Dani, has thoughts about hurting her mother, insulting her best friend, and killing the little boy she babysits. She doesn’t want to think about them and finally tells the boys mother, which is when the story really gets rolling. Newspapers hypothesize and people talk and rumors spin out of control.



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